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Better on Bedrock mod

Better on Bedrock is a remarkable Minecraft Bedrock mod designed to enhance the gameplay experience of the vanilla game. Its main objective is to improve various aspects of the game by introducing new content and transforming the old one.

Credits: XxPoggyisLitxX

One notable addition is the revamped Backpack system. Players can upgrade their inventory space by utilizing a leather backpack.

Copper Armor has also been introduced, serving as a stronger alternative to Leather Armor but weaker than Iron Armor. It proves valuable for early combat scenarios, particularly when exploring caves and encountering numerous hostile mobs.

Better on Bedrock mod

Lootbags can now be found in chests within Trader Outposts. Upon opening a Lootbag, players will receive various resources.

The Quest System offers a unique and engaging gameplay element within Better on Bedrock. Upon starting a new world, players are provided with a Closed Quest Scroll. Interacting with it opens up the scroll, revealing the Quest UI.

The Quest UI displays three tiers: New Start, Better on Bedrock, and Beyond the Overworld. Each tier contains specific objectives for players to complete. Upon fulfilling the requirements of a quest, players must manually claim their rewards.

The Overworld Waystone Key is a crucial item for saving and teleporting to Waystones. Up to 10 Waystones can be added per dimension. Breaking a saved Waystone requires it to be saved again at the initial placement location. Each teleportation consumes 3 experience levels, and a 60-second cooldown is imposed on the Waystone Key.

Exciting new ores have been introduced to Better on Bedrock. Stardust is an extremely rare resource, while tin and aluminum are more common. Each ore serves its unique purpose, ensuring a diverse gameplay experience.

Vein Miner, a new enchantment, has made its debut in Better on Bedrock. This enchantment can be obtained through trading with a Goblin Trader or at the top of Battle Towers. Vein Miner comes with Unbreaking 1 by default, and breaking each ore reduces the pickaxe's durability by 1.

Another enchantment, Tree Capitator I, has also been introduced. Similar to Vein Miner, Tree Capitator allows players to drop entire trees instantly. Each broken log consumes 1 durability point of the axe.

Lastly, Battle Towers are scattered throughout the Overworld, providing players with exciting combat challenges across multiple floors. As players progress, the difficulty increases, and valuable rewards await those who reach the top.

Edited: 12.07.24

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  1. dennie
    there are still some broken things like sm mobs are invis and bows not working corrrectly
  2. Ethan
    Still can't breed cows or sheep, but other than that it is a great mod.
  3. Kota
    how do i use the backpack. i tried shift clicking but that doesn't work
  4. And
    The quest scroll won’t open
  5. Grandma65
    Backpacks never worked. Now, with 1.20.62 waystones don't work. Can't set new waystones.

    Uninstalled Better on Bedrock. Reinstalled. Now, backpacks and waystones work.
    With the update 2.70 the way stones don't work
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