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Minecraft Fortify addon

Minecraft Fortify brings in new sets of armor and tools that help strengthen the character's defense. It combines in itself several addons from the same author. Each separately, they unlocked ways to utilize new materials in armor making. Together they become a foundation for a great mod with prospects to be a fan favorite.

Credits: WeeweeJuice

Aetherite armor

Aetherium armor is made from the new type of ore spawning in Overworld. The processing of Aetherium crystals into the ingots is when things get interesting. Prepare a cauldron filled with lava, toss the crystals in, and get yourself bars. The final twist is that Aetherium is not stable enough to make armor. Emerald armor would be the base for all crafts.

Warden armor set

With Warden's armor set, you can see through walls. As you could've guessed from the name, the thing is made from parts of the Warden mob. The equipment of the complete set improves your night vision.

Phantom armor

Phantom armor is another cool one. It is made of Phantom parts and bones. One item that excites me most is a whip.

Glowing obsidian armor set

Amethyst armor set

Enable all Experimental gameplay features in Settings.

Edited: 22.01.24
Reason: A new experimental weapon added - the Scythe

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  1. mu
    I can't place anything at all.
  2. Better
    I just can't get the items only the blocks and some other invisible stuff.
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