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Manhunt gamemode addon

Manhunt addon makes it easier to organize multiplayer matches in this game mode. In case it is new for you, in this mode, one group of players is trying to achieve their goals while the other group tries to stop them.

Credits: FearSamuel

Manhunt starting area

Starting the game

First, make sure to set up your world properly, as mentioned at the bottom of the page. Then type in the chat /function start. You will be automatically transferred to the Settings room, where you can adjust the rules, take starting gear, and choose roles.

Save as a Hunter

The end goal of all of this would be to kill an Ender Dragon, but you do you. Hunters can set their spawn point by standing on the bed for a few seconds.

Use compass to track Runners

Compass will help hunters to track runners by pointing down at them with the arrow.

Hunter chasing a Runner

Enable all Experimental gameplay features, Spectator mode, and Cheats. The default player permissions should be set to Operator.

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