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Extra Chests addon

Extra Chests allows for an easy expanse of your storage capabilities in Minecraft PE. New chests being introduced to the game have a few times more storage space than the regular ones. The biggest one will be the Netherite chest, with an astonishing 256 slots for all your items. Such an extreme upgrade will require you to spend additional resources on their creation, but it is worth it.

Credits: The_Brothers

Extra chests

Diamond Chest

Copper chest

Locking system

With this new system, you can lock your chests to protect their contents from stealing. There are a few ways to break through the lock. If you punch it by hand for approximately an hour, it will fall off. A quicker way will be to craft Paper clips or a Bamboo crowbar. But even the usage of special tools won't guarantee your success.

Extra Chests addon

Enable all Experimental gameplay features in Settings.

Edited: 14.08.23
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  1. Ari Lewis
    this map is soooo cool i need some takis
    1. Guest Your mom
      you don't need takis...
  2. Kenny
    No craft for it ? This will be sooooo cool if you can add craft for it for playing in survival!
  3. diablo
    there is a craft for all of them. for the emerald one u put the chest in the middle and 1 emerald on each side same for the diamond but with diamonds for the netherite u put one netherite ingot on the left side and chest in the middle and im pretty sure that is all for copper iron and gold its the same as the diamond one just different material

    sorry for the bad grammar was in a rush
  4. KendallJenner
    Will this work for education edition
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