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Back to Basics addon

Craft the items in Minecraft manually, in a more realistic way, rather than straightforward. Back to Basics introduces new means to create such primitive items as flint, water, or dye.

Credits: Fallen Toast

How to make dye

Let's talk about the dye crafting process because it gets more intricate. Just like before, you're supposed to collect flowers to then extract dye from them. But now when you put a flower into a crafting slot, you'll get its petals. Prior to them becoming a dye, you need to crash them in a mortar. Put the petals in a mortar, and use a pestle to grind it out.

How to make water

Water hasn't had any crafting recipe in Minecraft. Now, however, it can be sucked out of leaves. Put four leaves into a Water Barrel and wait a minute for them to process into water.


Sieve is another really cool device. It allows you to sift blocks of Dirt, Gravel, and Crushed Netherrack to get some important resources, like ore chunks or amethyst geodes. Mesh is an integral part of a Sieve, and it won't work without it. Crushed Netherrack can only be processed on Crimson frame sieve.


Drying Rack is used in the transformation of Rotten Flesh into Leather and Kelp into Dried Kelp.

Block Crusher

Manual Crusher can be used to crash Cobblestone, Gravel, or Netherrack blocks.

How to make a cookie

The process of cookie making has become more complicated too.

Make sure to enable all "Experimental gameplay" features in Settings

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