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Bittersweet addonpack

Bittersweet is a collection of 30+ add-ons combined to create a unique survival experience that is both challenging and exciting. Inside the addon pack are probably the best add-ons you can find, and you will save time by installing this, instead of downloading them one by one. Hundreds of new crafts will be added to the game, along with a completely overhauled start, new mobs, and new places to explore in the world.

Credits: Coffee | The Nocturnal One

New aquatic creatures like sharks

Bitter Features (Increased Difficulty):

  • Hardcorous Mechanics & Healing: Food only restores hunger, and health does not regenerate naturally. Use healing items to recover health.
  • Realistic Early Game: Starting tools require flint and plant fibers instead of wood.
  • Challenging Minibosses, Night Siege Events & Dungeon Towers: Encounter tougher enemies and events that require strategic planning.
  • RPG-like Bounties, Quests & Structures: Engage in quests to help villagers and explore new structures.
  • Item Physics: Items no longer float; players must interact or sneak to pick them up.

Items now will be lying on the ground

No more floating items

Early Game Guide for the Bittersweet addon

  • Punch Trees: You can still punch trees, but you can't craft planks from logs directly anymore.
  • Get Flint: Find Gravel and break it until you get Flint. Alternatively, craft 3 Gravel blocks into 1 Flint.
  • Make Knappable Flint: Use the crafting menu to turn flint into Knappable Flint.
  • Create Flint Shards: Tap Knappable Flint on a Stone or Metal block to get Flint shards.
  • Find Sticks: Collect Sticks from breaking leaves, dead bushes, or picking them off the ground.
  • Craft a Flint Knife: Combine a Flint shard with a Stick to make a Flint Knife. Use it to cut grass and obtain Plant fibers.
  • Make Plant String: Craft Plant Fibers into Plant String.
  • Craft a Flint Axe: Combine a Flint Shard, Stick, and Plant String to make a Flint Axe.
  • Create a Chopping Block: Craft a Chopping block using a Log.
  • Process Logs: Chop trees, strip the logs, place them on the Chopping block, and use the Flint Axe to turn Stripped logs into Planks.
  • Craft a Crafting Table: Once you have Planks, make a Crafting table and continue as usual.

Furniture and new weapons

Questing system

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