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Lots of Ores addon

We had a few ores already in Minecraft, but it never can be enough. With Lots of Ores comes new ways to utilize them because why would we need them otherwise? By new ways, I mean ten new shields, regular tools, hammers, unique potions, armor, and Uranium drill, of course. All of that and probably more in the updates to come.

Credits: SystemTv

New ores

So, ten ores in total, if I count it right, will make it to the game: Uranium. Jade, Amber, Flourite, Onyx, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Rhodium, and Platinum. Ores have a different rarity, and some even spawn in the Nether.

New crafting tables

Ore Extractor
Some ores may have impurities in them when extracted from the block. To clean them out, we use an Ore extractor table.

Copper table
Uranium ore is not safe to use due to its radioactivity. Processing it through a Copper table will mitigate the radiation of the material, allowing for its use.

Ambar table
This table is only needed to obtain Amber armor, the strongest in the mod.

Ore dropping mobs

Ore-dropping mobs will be peacefully roaming the world now. Guess what? They drop random ore when you slay them.

Uranium drill

I don't know if it has anything to do with the planet Uranus, but the material for the drill might be from there. Uranium drill allows breaking any block in an instant.

Hammer and pickaxe made from new ores

Hammers are basically Pickaxe on steroids. It can break several blocks at a time, and the number depends on what it's made of.


As I've said, ores can be used to make lots of things, including shields. Nothing special about them, though, they just look cool.

Lots of Ores addon

Make sure to enable all Experimental gameplay toggles.

Edited: 11.06.24
Reason: Now compatible with 1.20+ onwards.

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