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One Block survival map for MCPE

You begin with only one block you're standing on - the goal is to survive and kill the dragon. Destroy the block underneath you to get the new one - sometimes you will get the chest, and sometimes a monster. Develop your island, home, and farm resources. The ultimate goal of the one block survival is to make a way into the End and kill a dragon in MCPE. If you'd like the map, check out the Skyfactory map too.

Credits: Toramtyces

Main features:
  • You can destroy only one block.
  • Use given resources to build a portal and kill an Ender Dragon.
  • New blocks and mobs from Nether Update 1.16.0 have been added.
  • Alternative version of the map.

One Block survival map for MCPE


How to install maps:
  1. Download the .mcworld file below
  2. Open the file using any file manager to import it into Minecraft PE
  3. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and look for the map of your worlds

Edited: 12.04.24
Reason: New one block version

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  1. Lucas Diaz
    I have been watching YouTube videos and I see one block challenge and it looks so fun that I have been wondering how to do it but know I know how to do it.
    1. Bhanu
      Bro con you tell me how please
      1. jf mchtcm
        idk it won't let me get on minecywejfw
        1. Jarrah Newton
          It did not work
          1. BlueMINECRAFT
            Ya it no work
            1. bailey
              this wont work it will not show me l.14.30
          2. fan mcpe
            its working dont spread fake hate
            1. plmp
              its literally not working
            2. Unknown
              It works for me
            3. Tim Luijbregts
              Can u tell me how pls?
            4. A replyer
              Just search up how to get Oneblock skyblock on Minecraft education edition then you will see the videos!
            5. Guest NO.
              Just search "LWME Minecraft One Block" and watch the video if the youtube name is LWME. There sould be a man telling you how toget is sofollow his steps, so thats how I did it!
            6. bailey
              can someone help me it will not work.
            7. hi
              hi so basically if u have ee, click the last link. :)
            8. Aazim Ogundimu
              It no work at all please fix this🫥
            9. Aarav Agarwal
              PLS TELL HOW TO FIX THIS
            10. Guest Julian
              Yeah last link
            11. Unknown
              Howww please tell us!
            12. get good
              you have to press import then click the thing you downloaded dumbass
            13. no
              exactly just download it, go to files, click it, and click OPEN, then it should go to Minecraft and the import will start. EaSy ZuSiE vErY eAsY
            14. Rose
              HEY! That is not nice so if you don´t have anything nice to say then don´t say it! - Rose
            15. Guest black
              fuck you this does not need ou dumbass
            16. unknown
              it dont works for me its dum dont use
            17. B
              For education edition just press the link above. Download One Block map 1.14.30 (mcworld)
            18. Toramtyces
              pls vote me if i get 1000 dumbs up ill make it work
            19. cheken nuggies
              it dose dude
            20. hi
              It Worked do me even not in education edition check with u click I think it depends on wich version you chose
            21. Guest unknown
              Did you try ALL the packs? Don't spread fake hate if you did not try everything yet.
            22. hi
              Its a zip file its not working
            23. Guest Sarah
              Shut the Fuck up.
            24. Snowcube149
              Mind your language
            25. PEAPARE PIYG
            26. a
              it does work dude ur dumb
            27. Jones_110
              it worked for me to ive been playing it fre 3 hours
            28. Sussy
              Same it also works for me :D
            29. Kayne
              for one block skyblock click see more and click on the link
            30. yes
              Doesn't work😬
            31. Ddddd
              Bro your mobile is not capable in my device it works
            32. Sidjfhjrjfjfidndjnrnfjdirbdhjs
              How did you do it then?
            33. Insert name here
              I’m using one of the newest mobile ipads and it still doesn’t work. Therefore it might only work on computers. I’ll try there
            34. Tech Support
              It Also Works For Mobile
            35. BotMC
              How pls tell me the steps?
            36. iiclxudxii
              Bruh Download mcworld go to files copy the download go to on my ipad press minecraft and than press games and paste it there and click and ur all set it only works on ipad or iphone btw
            37. Martin
              It just stands level import faild
            38. Rose
              Try waiting for a few hours or days cause it only works once in a while.

              - Rose
            39. Capricorn
              No it doesn’t
            40. Jace
              Its for androids
            41. Guest lol
              bro im playing on chromebook and it doesn't work
            42. Joe mama
              Im on school chromebook and it worked for me
            43. poop
              it works on cwomebook
            44. noah
              Same but it works for me
            45. Martin Holst
              It just stands level import faild
            46. Garry Guy
              Dude, It Works For Anybody, It’s Just Hard To Get It Working, And If You Say It’s EZ, for some people, it’s not, ok?
            47. Someone
              It no work for me to 🐶
            48. 😐
              It literally doesn’t work it’s says import failed- 🤨
            49. Afrah Faisal
              My too but I fix it
            50. TotallyDream
              How U Fix It?
            51. Bemmie
              its easy,just rename the file to .zip and unzip it and put the file to minecraft world file
            52. lol hi
              Yeah same but when i import it again it worked but it didn't let me join !! :P
            53. Hhuhgfdbvjhbvdsfb
              Fuck off no it does not
            54. Dan
              Oh ho now you decide to say cuss words you pussy. Also none of you know how to speak English
            55. Bruh
              Imagine saying that they don't know how to speak English you ignorant fuck maybe they are from a different country where English isn't the spoken language use your brain instead of getting mad and making dumbass comments
            56. wow
              Bro shut up stop being ignorant fuck just because they dont know English just like you dont know Spanish how about you learn Spanish before you decide to be a ass about it? fuck you dont eve have to read what i says you know what it says stop throwing a fit grow the fuck up are you hat childish?
            57. dolphinamia123
              It's not fair to people if you say that. Even you may not know how to speak some languages. And I have a solution for the problem of not opening it. For some people it may not work, but, try opening minecraft first and then click on the link.
            58. LOL sorry no name
              It it working no hating
            59. Bruh
              For somebody people it works and for others it doesn't it's technology it's not perfect things are gonna fail
            60. OddBearAndDog
              Finally, I Guy Who Understands
            61. Zyrus_Yt
              Yes it works
            62. Wendy Cancino
              It didn't work tho
            63. Player
              It says “Level Import Failed” What?
            64. yeetboy Studios
              If it says level import fails it either means you have no space in your storage left to import it or because of a lose in update
            65. Willy
              I have a lot of space I only have two world and it also says level import failed
            66. I’m smart
              A lot of people have the newest version which is not available here
            67. lol hi
              I have 1.7.31 and theres 1.17.30 does that still work??
            68. Joe papa
              If you have 1.18 and it says 1.17 it will still work (if its 1.20 and it says 1.17, some things might not work anymore)
            69. Guest Anonymous
              Btw, it doesn’t work so don’t spread fake news
            70. OddBearAndDog
              When They Say It No Workin, It No Workin Ok? It ain’t working for me, it only workin fo a little bit ok? so that’s why shut up.
            71. Tom
              It doesn't work and it is very dirtiest app in the world
            72. Yeeter
              just cuz it worked for you it doesn't it works for others aswell don't make it fake just cuz you think it is
            73. Guest No one
              It literally isn’t working, go look for yourself.
            74. a
              it is i just used it. its prob your on the wrong version, you cant use it on your device, or your using it wrong
            75. Hi
              Nah it don’t work
            76. Liva
              Its not working
            77. i love fan mcpe
              YES, IT WORKS 1.19.22
            78. daddy
              nah bruh i wont let me open the file you stop
            79. city
              but how tho bro
          3. biruk
            firsit on the game and open the map
          4. Ye
            1. yeetboy Studios
              It dose work its easyer is you do it on ipad because all you do is open the downloads folder press it(if its not downloaded as a ZIP) and i should take you to minecraft and import it if it says level import failed its because it has no space to import
            2. yeye
              IT NO WORK!!!!!!!!
          5. DreamWasTaken
            Find your version,my version is 1.16.200 then i found it in the first one
          6. Scarlett
            It worked for me perfectly fine but not for my sister
            1. yeetboy Studios
              Did it say levle import failed for ur sister because if it did its because there is no space left to import it
          7. Yo
            yeah it doesn’t work
          8. REeE
            how I get it on 1.17
          9. :)
            Yeah same it always says “Level Upload Failed”
          10. infinity
            you have to make sure you have the right numbers at the bottom. rn im in 1.17.30 and i clicked on 1.17.30 and it have me the proper file
            1. hi
              but it does work 1.19.22 for 1.19.30
          11. ftbvjvtf
            same with me, it don't work
          12. l
            You have to download the one at the very bottom
        2. minecywejfw
          What Is minecywejfw 😂😂
        3. Melissa S Stoltzfus
          Go to minecraft store and and press search. put in what u want and it should be able to buy a world
      2. Bhouck
        yes i can break the block bellow you and it will reapear
        1. Hi
          How can you do it
        2. pk12140
          I can't break it
          1. pk12140
            NOW i can break it
          2. Hiiii
            It works u need to break armor stand first then block below u then it will work
            1. ricky
              Yaa it work for me
      3. error 35
        donwload map (mcworld) then open game then you have it oneblock enjoy!!
        1. yeetboy Studios
          Or if your on ipad you just go to download tap the file and it takes you to minecraft and auto imports it
      4. HARIBMW
        It is not working .sorry
      5. Ishaan Gambhir
        It really works 👍👍👍
      6. Poop
        Hey if you want it to work download files by readlle on the AppStore or google play store and download the mod then go on the app then go on files then press the mod then press open with and press Minecraft
      7. Guest cameron
        to do it you have to download it then when you get to your downloads click share then press minecraft and it will say in minecraft level import started then check your worlds and thats how you do it
      8. i am stupid
        stupid and not validdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
      9. GoldenNinja
        It says i cant upload it to minecraft education edition
        Can someone tell me how pls
      10. I KNOW HOW
        I am a Youtuber and have a video on this:
      11. chrsiatoffer torp
        you need to download the one who is under 1.6 40 2v2
      12. asdfghjmhgfdsdfghjkjhgfds
        use the link in the app
      13. Guest abhi
        All you have to do is download it then open it and somehting will pop up =asking you what to opern it with and alll you have to do is click minecreaft for mc edu
    2. Jelle
      Hoe moet je dit spel downloaden
    3. Stealth_Elf
      I know, it looks like too much fun!!!
    4. Nick sod
      How do you do it?
    5. froylan_mpl
      está increíble de tantos mapas que ha intentado instalar este es el único que ha servido le daría cinco estrellas si supiera dónde se pone pero está increíble y si funciona sólo tienes que tocar la versión correcta
    6. John
      Does not work

      Fuck this website does not work tried 58 times failed this does not work water 15 minutes of my day I hated this it is fucked

      can they make this on a addon it wont work
      1. Bluetoot
        Have you ever tried using other files like the actual mc world file and not the zip? And maybe the 2.2 or 2.1 beta would be good for you also so please before you go hate on this website tey all the other options given to you and dont just give up. Keep trying and maybe youlls succeed in one of the files and maybe tampering with them might help. Please take note that i am not a bot and i am only here to give you suggestions on what to do :)
        1. Seleem
          I tried doing the mc world first and it didn’t work it keeps saying import failed
          1. Bruh
            Me too it says level import failed
          2. Laila Collymore
            Do you go to mast 2
          3. Louai
            Yea same bro I’ma keep trying tho
          4. ToramTyces
            U need 1.12 or higher
      2. Johny
        Bro v2.3 is not working but v2.2 and below versions are working perfectly.😊
      3. kevin
        language mr watch where your going on the wrong road
    7. alex
    8. Beastboyshub
      Meri to ho gayi pagal
      1. Ananya
        You are a youtuber I am your biggest fan please reply me
        1. a
          shut up there is no youtuber
    9. Jeff
      For me it starts the import, but then fails. :(
    10. Keithenz
      If y'all dont know how this file works, please renamed the".mcworld" into ".zip"
    11. Mark Hep
      It said for me level import started then failed :(
    12. Me
      I can’t download any of them!
    13. Manymonica
      It doesn't work It won't let me open Minecraft Ur One Block Suck! If you want it to get it to work press this link https://youtu.be/FLoQKuk65iE it works properly on Minecraft Java Edition it doesn't work On Mobile I tried it So it only worked on Java
    14. MuffiinHeadLord
      It worsks for me :)
    15. Timluijbregts
      Can u tell me how pls?
    16. Dunno
      Y'all supposed to extrack the file into >games>com.mojang/etc and choose minecraftworld and paste
    17. Ayaan Khan
      Really This website sucks 😕 cause it doesn't work dude
    18. Jack
      When I press open with it says no apps can be opened with this file
    19. Uhhwhydoihave2putmyname
      It works, click open file after then u got it :) im restarting cus a creeper blew up my stuff and i died, i had a spawner and a skeleton egg/spawn skeleton idk what to call it lmao
    20. VB
      I need 1.17 version of it
    21. beans
      It works just use beta 1.16
    22. mindcraft god
      you need mindcraft edication edion
    23. NoCap
      F a c k you L i t t l e S h i t

      Little shit... it works bitch
    24. Liz
      it almost worked but it said the word was not updated or something like that .
    25. hccgfcyfch
      asss butttt
    26. mustafa
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd7reCNDp2o here's a vid your welcome
    27. ziba
      for me it said their is a newer version of the one block but i downloaded the newest version of it it till said the same
  2. Osvaldo Cesario Najera
    I love your game I love that game
  3. Benjamin Johnson
    I can’t play the game in iOS 1.14.60 please fix it now I’m so sad.
    1. Guest Benjamin Johnson
      i also cant play ▶
      1. Kentondow
        It’s not working I can’t download it
    2. Varad
      Yes I can’t install on ios
      1. Invidious 🕐🕕🕚🕟🕤🕑🕖🕛🕠🕥🕒🕗🕜
        Go to safari
      2. Beautifulsun839
        Yeah it won’t work. It keeps saying import failed.
        1. VoidAssassin
          I know me too I keep trying but it won’t work
          1. Aarav
            Go on profile klick on use circular data it will work
            1. Louai
              Where is circular data spotted and actually you spelled click wrong lol
        2. Youdumbass
          1. wow whats wrong with u
            Damn dont be a dick not everyone can just download an old version of minecraft. So, who's the stupid one here? Because you're stupider than Morgz, and that's saying something.
      3. someone
        i have a ios device and it worked..
    3. Remmington Sonntag
      You do the bottom when it's for both Android and I iPhone cuz I've done it with
      1. kk
        wait so its also for iphones then how do i open my files
    4. Jim
      Yeah I need it in 1.14.60
      1. joseph
        do this don't work on
      2. rocking bro
        Are you mad how did it will work in 1.14 are you mad
    5. Lik Yang
      Same I can’t play too
      1. anynomus
        I know its not working for me either
    6. Unbeatable
      I know so annoying
    7. Vinayak Sharma
      Same, pls fix😩😩😩🙁🙁☹️☹️
    8. Noman
      Try mcworld link
  4. Muiop225
    Does this work on ipad?
  5. Parmod Singh
    I Like it I love your game I also can play

    I want to play this game

    I think it's a great
  6. Kayden Lindsay
    Is it going to work?
  7. Rajeswari Thullimalli
    Many people have said to play one block
  8. XXnicholasXX 175
    How to install it says failed too import when I did pls tell me ;-;
    1. Smapp
      How to upload the map?
      1. audrey
        you got to have the game then you can you download the file you like to play on on the bottom right you will see a file uploading then when it is done you clik it. then it will send you to the game.
  9. Goblin 678
    Hi can i play
    1. funny doggo
      yes yes you can Goblin 678
  10. LightestCorn541
    hi i really want to play but i cant
  11. tech gamerz
    Tech gamerz
  12. T.kergeryahoo.com
    It dose work.
  13. Saad
    Nice Thanks bro
  14. Ömer Şişman
    Can you add 1.16.201 pls I really wanted to play it :(
    1. Chrisflo2408
      Same I’m on 1.16.201😢😢
  15. Dude pls no sue me
    http://www.mediafire.com/file/x5822hgrv0hzot9/PlugToolbox.mcworld/file I put the world through plug toolbox and that let me download pls no get mad it is a direct link I am making no money just trying to help 👍
  16. Casjbabys4
    Literally THE easiest thing I've done. STEP 1: Click Download One Block map. 1.16.200 v2.3 STEP 2: Tap on Open at the bottom of phone (I have android) STEP 3: It automatically opens Minecraft App STEP 4: Tap on Worlds and it is right there at the top. VOILA!! So much easier than downloading this app or that map and opening or downloading or extracting zip (whatever all that crap is) and having it not work. Thank you so much for the easiest experience ever!!!
  17. Idk
    It’s working I downald the Macworld’s but when I join Minecraft it’s says level import failed
  18. Zainab
    Yeh litterellay it's very cool 😎 I for android yayyyyy finally we got one block thanks
    1. Dan
      You’re not cool by using emojis you know?
  19. Moo
    Works well but how do you get it to be English
    1. TECH
      You can't put it in english.This is a copy from MCPEDlL's Toramcytes.He just made it easier to download because its hard on the Toramcytes website because its in Spanish.Toramcytes is spanish
  20. Creeper Playz
    It works perfectly fine but I think it doesn't work for other people because they have apple products. And I am on mobile.
    1. ziba
      everyone use 1.16.40 it works even for minecraft education
  21. Vince
    Thanks buddy it work
  22. Elijah Corbett
    People are saying that it isn't working, but it works for me. Maybe it was made for Minecraft Education Edition only.
    1. funny doggo
      hmm...true but i have minecraft education and its uploaded on it
  23. Komal pavan Kumar sahu
  24. Arjun
    Muje maenkraft pas and he
  25. m
    download one block of minecraft
  26. GenuinCanvas73
    Thanks for one block map
    1. funny doggo
      it aint fucking workin
  27. Aryaneel Das
    I am getting stuck in phase 3,when phase 2 ended it showing a 20 seconds time no problem i waited but the bedrock never goes so I had to creative mode to break it I breaked it but it only showing dirt after dirt I don't know either what to do please someone help me.
    1. your average 10 year old gurl
      hmm the same thing happened to me in Minecraft edu except the bedrock did go away but it keeps happening in every world
  28. BARBIE
    I want one block would
    1. funny doggo
      its ok BARBIE its ok
  29. อามีรซุลตอน
    1. funny doggo
  30. อามีรซุตอน
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