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Lucky Block Race map

Lucky Block race - is a fun minigame, in which you and up to three of your friends can test your luck. How to play: you and at least one of your friends must stand at the beginning - each on their own track, make a countdown, and start running destroying all lucky blocks on your way. You never know what's going to happen after another destructed block - you can be blown up or summon witch. The map is best to be played in the nighttime - it looks very beautiful.

There are many dangers, that can appear on your way - such as shulker

Map looks beautiful in the night

Lucky block race is a fun minigame for Pocket Edition 1.0.0

How to install maps:
  1. Download the .mcworld file below
  2. Open file using any file manager to import it into Minecraft PE
  3. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and look for the map among your worlds

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