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Trailer Graphics pack

Did you ever notice that the graphics in the Minecraft trailers for updates are very different from the actual in-game visuals? With the Trailer Graphics pack, you can achieve the level of effects and details seen in the videos. Although not everything is perfect with this pack, as not every block has been changed, it does require a supplementary texture pack to be complete. Personally, I would recommend using Bare Bones textures for that purpose.

Credits: Ale Graphics

  • New deferred rendering mode.
  • Shadow effect on earth blocks.
  • Modified textures to simulate a double-layer cloud effect.
  • Beautiful and colorful setting, the closest thing to the Minecraft trailers.
  • Colorful sky.
  • Fog that blends with the sky.
  • Blue and transparent water.
  • Heavy fog in the rain.
  • Fog in the nether and in the End.
  • It does not affect the performance section.

Trailer Graphics pack

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