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1K+ Casual skin pack

The skin pack is a great new way to have hundreds of skins inside the game with the ability to change it anytime. The Casual skin pack consists of 835 most popular skins for MCPE. More skins have been added, cranking up the number to 1000+. If you're looking for new skin to rock, there is literally no easier way to choose one.

Credits: SIMON_ITA

It includes a whole variety of skins by such themes:
  • Undertale
  • Famous Cartoons
  • Boys
  • Boys HD
  • Christmas Boys
  • Girls
  • Christmas Girl Skins
  • Girls HD
  • Famous Singers
  • Super Mario
  • Kirby
  • Marvel
  • Famous Youtubers
  • Anime
  • Fnaf
  • TV Series Skins
  • Deltarune
  • Memes
  • Horror

1K+ Casual skin pack

How to install:
  1. Download the .mcpack file below
  2. Open the file using any file manager to import it into Minecraft PE
  3. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and go to the Profile
  4. Then tap on Edit character and choose Owned
  5. Find the pack you've just installed

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  1. Airene Mellomida
    470 casual Skin pack
  2. Bobby bulbasur
    hey could you add some arms skin
  3. Technoblade
    I love this skin pack thx....

    I just tried it and it dont work now i was really hoping i could use my skin in the oldest version of minecraft....😢😭😭

    This skin pack is the worst youre really stupid to not put my skin in this skin pack of yours....😡😡😡😠😠😠😠
    1. sean
      You are not Technoblade
      1. big mom
        RIP technoblade he died =(
        1. MARK DAVIS
          agree rip he was the best one
          1. noah
            true bro he was amazing person and gamer
    2. bruh
      wtf is ur problem leave him alone
      1. sus
        bro hes speaking facts
    3. Xxsasura3588xX
      you are not technoblade so stop being him cause thats a little thing called identity theft and you can get arrested for that plus if you were technoblade then you would already have had the technoblade skin which then you wouldnt need that then
    4. Mady
      That’s rude 🔪
    5. littlelove
      they're is just named Techblade
    6. Illager
      Shut up 😤 this is not ok this skin pack is good
      1. meow
        stop it, get some help :). *cutely hands him some help*
    7. Kenny
      Then just try updating your minecraft to the newest version.
    8. asdfghnjm,
      just cause u may think that doesnt mean u can go around thinking people are stupid and thats ur opinion so like keep it to ur self it would just be like if i called u ugly and all of ur ideas are stupid like other people get put down by rude people like u so like think about that for later!
    9. Zvbee
      Bro ur not techno just shut up
    10. cap police offical
      bro you cappin so much
    11. Jimmy
      What are you doing Technoblade.
    12. Z-Jit
      Loser lol its not meant for the oldest version of Minecraft. RIP Technoblade
  4. Rændøm
    You are speaking facts
  5. Wow
    It won’t download
    1. Sus
      ur right it sucks
  6. Guest Lol
    Its cool so much that i can troll my friends ehehehe
  7. flameiscool
    this is so cool and i know that is not technoblade
  8. op mendietta
    this looks and sounds cool
  9. TrentN
    this is the best I used it on minecraft edu and it works!
  10. MEEP
    it really is amazing its awesome and I highly recomend it
  11. Josiah Davis
    i also have edu and i love the skins. You should download all of them!! Fake thecnoblade and other pepole should download it
  12. DIH101
  13. David Burris love pickles
    I like ‘em long and hard. 🍆🍆🍆. 👌👈. 👃
    1. Zvbee
      Shut up noob
  14. bobby.bob
    Nice skins. I got the 1K+ and I haven't even looked thru all of them. It's crazy.

    Great job!
  15. bang bang timmy
    its not working for Minecraft ed.
  16. Ari Lewis
    This is soo cool i wish i can have that by the way i got minecraft education edition jealous
  17. Mimikyu
    Your not technoblade
  18. Master Chief
    i hav edu edetion and it only downoded one of them. also your not the real technoblade.
  19. Zander Logue
    hey people stop saying cuss word on here there are kids you know
    1. yo mama
      true...but you know kids in these days cuss a lot...they start cussing when there 7 years old so...yeah
  20. joshuad
    this skins are cool
    technoblade NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Guest william
    four big guys yeah they bust out my eyes uuuuhhhhhh!!!!!!
  23. yo mama
    I just wanted to see the skins and then i see all of u guys to talk about technoblade...
    i know he was a cool and a por at minecraft,but why talk about him?!
  24. milan thiago pampillon
    Stupid but what the hell do they have with technoblade dream is better than him and no one admits it because no one talks about him

    Bro, the truth is I say that all these skins are worth it, there are varieties and many to choose from so I loved it

    I know I also have Minecraft Education but I don´t have money for the original Minecraft pipipi xD
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