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Morph into mobs addon

This mod allows you to turn yourself almost into every mob in the game just in a few taps. Of course, you will need to turn on a third-person view to see the changes. While in the form of a mob, you can gain some of its unique powers. Morph addon for Minecraft PE 1.18.2 is an easy way to turn pranks on your friends.

Credits: Fraxx01

List of supported mobs:
  • Zombie - hostile mobs will ignore you in this form, you will be attacked only by Iron golems. Burns in daylight. Killing a villager will force him to transform into a zombie.
  • Husk - this form has the same features as Zombie, except attacking a player will cause it to lose hunger.
  • Zombie Pigman - immune to fire and lava, transforms villager into a zombie on killing.
  • Enderman - his only difference is his tallness, meaning you cannot pass through doors.
  • Skeleton - shoot them with arrows.
  • Stray - arrows apply a slowness effect on the target.
  • Drowned - can breathe underwater.
  • Wither Skeleton - your attacks will put wither effect on the target.
  • Creeper - cannot explode, but still pretty terrifying.
  • Blaze - press Sneak to fly.
  • Cow - moo.
  • Pig - can move through one block height passage.
  • Sheep - not a ship.
  • Chicken - smaller than one block, lay eggs.
  • Spider - press "Sneak" to start climbing the wall.
  • Iron Golem - has a 7 to 21 damage base attack, can't pass through a door.
  • Villager - only zombies will try to get you.
  • Wolf - you can sit, good boy.
  • Witch - Iron Golems doesn't like you very much.
  • Cat - you do not receive fall damage, and creepers are scared of you to death.
  • Bat - you can see at night, Batman.
  • Slime - you multiply on every death.
  • Snow Golem - you're leaving the snow path behind you, able to shoot Snowballs.
  • Ghast - you're immune to fire and lava, you also can shoot fireballs.
  • Vex - armed with Iron Sword, also immune to fire and lava.
  • Bee - applies poison effect on the target.

How to morph into a mob

In order to Morph into a mob, you need to open a special menu. On mobile devices, you need to start Sneaking, Jump, then stop Sneaking, and finally Tap on the ground. The process sounds intricate at first, but you'll get it. On other devices, it's just Sneaking and Jump simultaneously. A menu can be opened only after at least a single mob is killed.

Player morphed into chicken

Morph Mod MCPE

How to install addons:
  1. Download addon straight from your device
  2. Find and open .mcpack or .mcworld files that you download earlier
  3. Click it to import into Minecraft Pocket Edition
  4. Open the game
  5. Create a new world or edit an existing world
  6. Scroll down to Add-ons section and select the ones you want to apply
  7. Make sure to enable all "Experimental gameplay" features in settings

Edited: 18.12.21
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21 comment

  1. Zoey7777777
    I always wanted a morph mod
  2. LARISSA LUNA.077457
    I’ve always wanted a good morph mod hopefully this will work!
    1. noob4562259
      yo it aint gonna work
      1. Oof293740
        It didn't work I tested the mod and nope it does not work. ;n;
        1. Manju Sree
          did you have the tool
        2. Boss
          /function unlock_morph_mob, no 100%
    2. Frog
      Same i always wanted a good decent morph mod but.. this one is bugged and DOES NOT WORK- like wtf.
  3. ninja
    How do we open the special menu?
    1. Boss
      Gugolás és ugrás ;)
    2. unknown
      by crouching then jumping
  4. TheAnimatedKiller
    I Hope It Works This Time
  5. Anrid
    If it doesn’t work,go and download document app and after installing the mod go to share an(share with documents)click their after document open ,click in the three dot of your file (mod) and rename the last word (.mcpack) to .zip and again change into mcpack file and click on the mod file and their will be open with… click on that then share to Minecraft that how I got
  6. Bruh

    It DIDNT WORK WTH!!!!!!!!??????
    1. Boss
      Működött csak ezt kell csinálni: csevegés;/function unlock_all_morph_mob és utána gugolsz és ugrasz kiválasztod a mob-ot és ismét gugolsz és ugrasz és kész!
  7. Isabella Fontaine
    it is not letting me insert it it is saying level import failed
  8. Nathan
    Fuck you and your mod
    1. abby
      boi shut up n-a-t-h-a-n you probably don't even know how to do it right so shut your fricking mouth UP!
      1. crazy_frog
        this is a fake mod
  9. Tyson
    This doesn’t work fix ittt
  10. Steve from minecraft
    Only my heath is decreasing or increasing and only im getting abilities, i don't morph ;-;
  11. chris from oof
    this does not work
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