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Lucky Islands map for Minecraft PE 1.16.1

If you're into fun and dynamic PvP gameplay, you may want to check out the Lucky Islands map. The players spawn on different islands, and there are a couple of lucky blocks on each of them. Lucky blocks can give you a really powerful gear, that might help you to deal with opponents. On the other hand, you can blow yourself or spawn an army of zombies on a small island in the sky. Will you take a risk or choose to play safe and stick to the good old wooden sword?

Credits: Andiuber

Lucky islands

Night mode

How to install maps:
  1. Download the .mcworld file below
  2. Open the file using any file manager to import it into Minecraft PE
  3. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and look for the map of your worlds

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  1. Marwa Sherif
    Hlo I wanted 1block skyblock real bad so here I am
  2. WackyLord1
    Very good me and my friends love it super good very very easy to learn if played Minecraft before.
    1. WackyLord1
      yay very good to i love it!!
    2. Mmn
      How do you start the game?
      1. Obi = GOAT
        You have to walk into the water in the wood, with at least two people.
      2. sam
        go to portal
  3. Kenny Torres-Rodriguez
    This game has bin fun last time so thank you for the game 👍 🤟
  4. Ashbob101
    This is so fun my friends and I have been playing this for almost 6 months
  5. Claire B
    i love this world this is awesome
  6. puzzlingcone823
    It is the best people at indoor reces everybody join not one person and max of 8 so much thx
  7. j3756
    YOOOOOOO mY class loves this map thanks 4 the map :DDDDD
    1. sarba
      My class mates and me love it too we play used to play it all the time
  8. Cameron Olson
    it pretty good it get y friends play it all the time
  9. bestboy321
    hi this map is the BEST YAYYAYAYYAYA
  10. Mmn
    How do you start the game?
  11. Mmn
    Quote: Mmn
    How do you start the game?
  12. arie
    You just start the game how you usually would. What did you think?
  13. sarba
    Can you make a lucky block one block plzzz?
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