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Minecraft Comes Alive add-on

Minecraft Comes Alive is an addon that improves everything about villagers and splits them into two genders. New villagers will get a couple of new looks that are much more realistic than before. A player can interact with male and female NPCs building a strong relationship. Tell jokes, flirt, and kiss NPC to build affection and finally make a proposal. You can ask a virtual girl to become your wife only while holding a Diamond Ring in your hands. If she agrees, you will be receiving a baby that must be put into a cradle.

Credits: @pedro_denovoZ

How to create a family in Minecraft:
  • Find a male or female NPC.
  • By tapping on them - open the interaction menu.
  • Speak, flirt, tell jokes, and kiss to gain friendship and interest.
  • Make a proposal while holding a Diamond Ring.
  • Raise your own baby in a cradle.

Give a cake to the male and female villager to make them breed

Hire a guard

Villagers comes alive

Interact with a girl

Make a baby

How to install addons:
  1. Download the addon to your device
  2. Find and open the .mcpack or .mcworld files that you download earlier
  3. Click on it to import it into Minecraft Pocket Edition
  4. Open the game
  5. Create new or edit an existing world
  6. Scroll down to the Add-ons section and select the ones you want to apply

Edited: 10.05.24
Reason: Max status level increased from 5 to 12

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  1. xxkittychu101xx

    um would u mind adding the right mod plz and thank u it says its a witherstorm mod on mine THANKS!!!!!

    1. Jake
      Hi, download link have been replaced, now it should be the right one, big thanks.
  2. Orie
    I'm calm I like to play shy and like dogs I'm scared of the dark and I l like fries 🍟🍟
    1. Joe
      This isnt tinder
      1. Tris
        Cant agree with you more.
        1. idk
          finnaly someone in 2022.
  3. Benjamin Karnickey
    oo finally now when my sisters are too distracted to play minecraft with me i finally have working npc's
  4. Benjamin Karnickey
    umm why is it that when i try to spawn a girl she is invisible?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!
  5. Unknow
    Why is everything invisible?????
  6. Mila
    It dose not let me see it it just shows up blank when I press the NPC
  7. David Burris love pickles
    Are u in Minecraft EDU, because if that’s what u are in then it don’t work, SORRY.
    1. AphmauLover123
      1. wolf
        i feel your pain
    2. asher
      wait whats EDU?
      1. Herobrine Noch
        Edu is education edition
  8. ee
    IDK why it doesn't let me interact with the male or talk with him.. help me plz :(
    1. asher
    2. NishchitPlayz
      U need to hold something in your hand to interact
  9. Cristopher Gonzalez leon
  10. Guest Cristopher Gonzalez leon
    hi m eh hacker
    1. happyboy
      what thats A BIG LIE
      1. sav
        how dkk ok you make them not invisible?
  11. me
    which addon is the one where you date them?!?!
  12. Roxie
    Hi! I installed everything but it only appears the eggs to spawn male and female (both spawn female btw) and the button to interact doesn't work :/
  13. Guest Ryan
    Uh.. Hi, I can't Interact them..
    can you tell me why?
  14. Wolfy Cooper
    Um does the texture pack and stuff not work in 1.20?
    1. Wolfy Cooper
      Which mod do I install to get the male and female skins and interact with them?
  15. fabiola360
    hi, downloaded the mod and nothing changed in the minecraft world we added it in. has anyone else had this problem? do you have any solutions? we installed the mod and activated it in the game, but the villagers are normal and there is nothing new.
    1. Wolfy Cooper
      I have the same problem and I don't know how to fix it.
  16. loxy
    where is diamond ring:(
  17. Noob
    Missing dependency with ID 'db75329a-a1d0-40f9-9866-0226b55af211' and version '4.2.0'.
  18. Jongmin
    Something wrong with the relationship bars, there are 2 friendship bars, the one that can be fulled and the other one that can't be. Also I can't get into romantic bar, it doesn't add anymore when 2 friendship bar appeared.
  19. Lanz
    It's stucked in version 1.20.62
    It looks like this:
    Friendship: 15/15
    Friendship: 1/15 (can't add more)
    Romantic: 0/15 (can't add more)

    Is it really two friendship bars?
  20. ERERTE
    what mods do i need to have this mod work ? they look normal for me .
  21. hideko
    I downloaded the game and finally after so long it downloaded on my Chromebook, bedrock vrs 1.20.81. when I joined and found a village no one was there, I went into creative and got a villager egg and after 3 seconds they would DIE yes you read that right they would die, all at the same time if I spawned more than one, before one would die I would try interact with them they would have normal villager traits? why was this happening? I tried in the water, in trees, different time sets, away from the village inside the houses. they just kept dying.
    1. Luna Rose
      Same thing happened to me 😞
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