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Lively Villagers addon

The Lively Villagers addon carries out an update to the stale villagers' system in Minecraft PE. Let's start by discussing what's wrong with current villagers. They have no personality or differences other than the clothing they wear. You can't interact with them in any way besides trading. Due to these issues, there's no way to build a personal bond with a villager. Now, let's see how the addon addresses these mentioned issues.

Credits: ShowdownMan

Male villagers

Right off the bat, we can see a division between male and female body types within villagers. Each now has a name, a unique face, and clothing that adds to their individuality.

Wandering traders

Bestowing a gift to the girl

The ability to tell them apart is a really meaningful change when you consider that you can now build relationships with them. Interact with a villager to open the dialogue menu. By speaking to them, you can increase your relationship level and open new options. Bestow gifts to up your relationship even quicker but consider the person's taste.

Dialogue menu

Female villagers in Minecraft

Activate all Experimental gameplay features in Settings.

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  1. Noob
    Villagers are inv. when i use this mod
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