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Pikachu Pokemon addon for Minecraft PE 1.0.3

This mod adds Pikachu and Raichu from Pokemons universe and allows you to tame them. Pikachu looks super adorable, but besides that he is very powerful and can control the power of lightning. Fortunately, you can tame these pokemons using carrot, beetroot or potatoes and they will fight by your side. Raichu is basically improved version of Pikachu (give your tamed Pikachu an Emerald and he will be upgraded), he has more health and fires three lightning bolts instead of one.

Credits: Gona, Twitter

Main features:
  1. Pikachu replaces pigs
  2. Can be tamed by feeding carrot, beetroot or potatoes
  3. You can tame multiple
  4. Give Emerald to tamed Pikachu and he will be transformed into Raichu
  5. Automatically attacks all evil mobs
  6. Pikachu shoots one lightning bolt into his enemies and can whip them using tail
  7. Raichu shoots three bolts at once

Pokemon Arena

You can build special arena where your pokemons can fight other mobs or each other. Of course two pikachus will be pretty much equal, but there is a random chance that one of them will survive.

Tame a Pikachu

Upgrade your Pikachu into Raichu

I insist you to upgrade your pokemon into Raichu despite it looks not so cool - he is much more powerful.

Raichu can shoot three lightning bolts at once

How to install addons:
  1. Download addon straight from your device
  2. Find and open .mcpack or .mcworld files that you download earlier
  3. Click it to import into Minecraft Pocket Edition
  4. Open the game
  5. Create a new world or edit an existing world
  6. Scroll down to Add-ons section and select the ones you want to apply

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