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Strat's Food addon

Strat's Food adds new crops, fruit trees, and kitchen utensils that open up new ways to cook food in Minecraft PE. Food-making in the game has always been simple, with no real cooking process involved and no complex dishes to prepare. Strat's Food introduces a stove, cutting board, frying pan, pot, and blender to help you process ingredients and cook them. Your Minecraft diet will now include many new foods such as burgers, spaghetti, sushi, pies, donuts, and more.

Credits: Stratospheer

Craft a Cookbook to get all the information on the addon in the game.

Stove, pot, toaster, cutting board

Fruit trees

Crop bush

New food

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  1. stevie Taiaroa
    i am trying to get me an acc and try and add it to mindcraft education:)
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