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Ender Awakening addon

The End was always a bleak and bland dimension, but the Ender Awakening addon fixes that. Next time you visit the End, you will be pleased to walk through new, glimmering, and exciting biomes while meeting its often unfriendly dwellers. Ender-inspired creatures are a crucial addition to the otherwise desolate spaces of the End. Get all the new blocks and items to expand your collection.

Credits: iKorbon

New Biomes:

  • Depraved Wetlands
  • Chorus Forest
  • Velvium Expanse

New Mobs:

  • Blastling: Fires goo projectiles that set targets on fire and become hostile when looked at.
  • Watchling: Causes nearby Endermen to become aggressive when looked at.
  • Void Glider: Attacks on sight unless the player is wearing a carved pumpkin; can be mounted for traversing gaps.
  • Endsect Swarm: Poisonous swarms that attack in groups and are particularly troublesome when bridging islands.
  • Jokle: A colorful fish found in any water source in the End, can be killed for food.

New Ender mobs

The End Mushroom biome

Ender Awakening addon

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