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Chat Ranks addon

With the Chat Ranks addon, you will be able to set a color distinction between players of different ranks in the global chat. In this way, you can more easily tell if you're talking to an actual admin or a possible imposter. It is also much more readable to have colorful names for different players so that the chat doesn't become a confusing mess. You can also customize the colors for each rank and even add emoticons by editing the config.

Credits: Death_Aruban

Five ranks are included from the start but you can add more manually: Admin, Moderator, Helper, Builder, VIP.

Chat Ranks addon

How to assign ranks to the players

Start by assigning the admin rank to yourself with the following command: "/tag @s add admin". You can then proceed to edit other players' ranks through the special menu. Use the command "-rank add" to open the menu. Type "-rank remove" to strip players of their rank. Use "-rank list" to check the current status of the ranks and "-rank help" if you have any troubles.

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