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Floating item names

The Floating item names addon enhances the Minecraft experience by displaying text holograms above dropped items. This visual feature aids in identifying items from a distance without relying on their textures. The addon introduces various functionalities and customization options, making it compatible with other addons and suitable for multiplayer use.

Credits: sirоb

Key Features:
  • Holograms are displayed only on items visible to the player. The hologram won't appear until the player has a direct line of sight on the item.
  • Users can choose to display holograms only on the closest items within a specified radius or solely on items targeted by the player.
  • Users have the flexibility to customize the hologram text pattern. This includes changing colors, adding prefixes/postfixes, inserting custom text, etc.
  • Various settings are available for the addon, such as adjusting the maximum distance for hologram display, limiting the number of holograms, and changing the font.

Floating item names

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