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Charm addon

Charm BE addon expands on existing features, adding new recipes, items, and loot from mobs. It's one of those addons that does lots of different little tweaks that don't change the vanilla feel of Minecraft. Explore new possibilities directly in the game for an additional sense of surprise.

Credits: Chu O' Fee

Charm addon

The list of features:

  • New Blocks and Behaviors: Introduces Gunpowder Blocks, Sugar Blocks, Rotten Flesh Blocks, and more, each with unique properties.
  • Mob Drops Overhaul: Mobs like Cave Spiders, Husks, and Strays now have a chance to drop different items, such as cobwebs, sand, and blue ice, respectively.
  • Creative Crafting Options: Craftable tridents, shapeless recipes for bread and paper, and the ability to craft Gilded Blackstone offer new possibilities for item creation, giving players more control over their gameplay.
  • Exciting New Items: Bat in a Bucket, Glowball, Charged Emerald, and more unique items add fun and strategic elements to the game. For example, releasing a bat from a bucket gives you temporary night vision, and throwing a Charged Emerald summons lightning on impact.
  • Potion Effects Through Food: Flavored Cakes and Coffee introduce a new dimension to eating in Minecraft. These cakes provide potion effects upon consumption, adding a flavorful twist to your culinary adventures.
  • Recycling System: Players can now recycle various items like nuggets, ingots, and even some crafted items, encouraging resource conservation and adding an eco-friendly aspect to the game.

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