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DLCraft addon

DLCraft addon is an RPG-style addon for Minecraft PE that introduces multiple additional systems into the game. You will be able to progress your character through the leveling process, collect gear, and fight bosses. Discover unique equipment, trinkets, and rings that will uplift your powers to new heights.

Credits: DEAD LITE

Main Features:

  • Changes how you obtain wood, requiring the use of Unlit Torches that must be manually lit with a Match Box.
  • Alters the healing mechanism, making food no longer restore health. Instead, items like Salves, Plaster, and Bandages are introduced for health regeneration.
  • Ruins Addon, Tower Dungeon & Creeping Crypts: Adds various structures, including Tower Dungeons guarded by Tower Golems, massive dungeons with hostile mob spawners, and more.
  • Vanilla hostile mobs gain rare chances to spawn with powerful effects, offering good loot.
  • Introduces a mini-boss with various attack types, found in its own structure.
  • Adds a variety of new weapons with unique abilities and enchantments.
  • Requires skill upgrades with XP to use diamond armor, tools, and items.
  • Provides trinkets and rings to aid in boss battles by granting beneficial potion effects.
  • Enhances fishing with new tools and loot options.
  • Introduces Bounties in villagers' houses, containing objectives and rewards that can be redeemed at the Bounty Table.

DLCraft addon

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