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Speed Silver's weapons

Add some of the weapons featured in Speed Silver's videos to your Minecraft world. If you're not a fan of this renowned creator, you may not know that he often showcases custom-made weapons with unique looks and powers. What makes these items special is there's always some kind of tradeoff for the power you're getting. Take the Ender Bow, for example - it allows you to teleport around but will freeze the character for a second each time you use it.

Credits: Beyond64

Midas Sword:
  • Deals 8 Damage
  • Chance of gaining strength (1-3) for 4 sec when hurt
  • Chance of receiving nothing when hurt

Speed Silver's weapons

Pufferfish Cannon:
  • Shoots pufferfish upon interaction
  • Nearby entities get poisoned
  • Hit entities suffer 3 damage, 0 Damage Of Attack

Ender Katana:
  • Deals 9 Damage
  • Instantly teleports the player to the direction they're looking
  • Cooldown even if the teleport is missed

Magma Club:
  • Deals 8 Damage
  • Burns entities upon hit
  • Provides fire resistance when held

Dragon Scythe:
  • Deals 10 Damage
  • Removes all positive effects from hit entities
  • Grants regen when hitting an entity

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