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Team Fortress 2 addon

This addon makes an unexpected crossover between Team Fortress 2 and Minecraft. If something unites those two different communities it is the love for the guns. And coincidentally TF2 is a game with a lot of firearms in it. What makes them different, is that they have additional effects on top of them. For example, you can perform rocket jumps using a Rocket launcher and it perfectly fits Minecraft. Among the other items that were ported are such utility items like Health and Ammo packs.

One of the more unique items brought from TF2 is Dead Ringer, which allows you to feign a death to distract mobs from you. It will also grant a temporary boost to speed and resistance allowing you to safely escape from trouble.

Credits: Gyro21

Team Fortress 2 addon

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  1. tf2fan
    can you make it for an older version of it?
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