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Oberon boss addon

Oberon boss is the last survivor of the invasive alien species and now he wants to take over Minecraft PE. This boss is a tribute to a Zombie scenario from the long-forgotten CS: Online. He has several fighting stages and seven types of attacks.

Credits: AzozGamer936

Oberon boss

His basic attack is a punch that deals 13 damage. Another common attack is a slam that sends your character flying. When you're far away from him, he will use a Blackhole attack to draw you close and will perform a spinning attack. That is all for the first stage of the fight.

Second phase

In the second stage, the boss grows off claws. Claws deal additional damage, have higher reach, and can poison you. Super slam happens when you're really far away, or trying to escape, in that scenario, he leaps and kills you on landing. When you're on mid-distance, he can throw around multiple bombs, blowing everything around him.


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