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Monster House addon

As All Hollows Eve approaches, so does your eerie encounter with a terrifying Monster House. By crafting a mysterious chimney and igniting it with Flint and Steel, you can summon the formidable Monster House boss. This boss battle is no mere jest; the house boasts three challenging combat stages before it can be banished. In its ultimate stage, the house becomes impervious to all harm, save for a Demolition explosive. If you manage to detonate it, a shower of candies will cascade from its remnants.

Credits: ArathNidoGamer

How to summon monster house

Monster House stage 1

Monster house last stage of fight

Monster mobs

Monster decorations

Furthermore, this addon offers players novel ways to adorn their homes in the spirit of Halloween. Additionally, a handful of spine-chilling mobs will roam in search of treats.

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