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Shipbuilder addon

Build the ship of your dreams with regular blocks, and the Shipbuilder addon will take care of the rest to set it in motion. The addon introduces an item called the Ship's Wheel, which should be placed on a structure of any shape. This wheel enables you to move the structure around, even when it's on the water. With an idea as straightforward as this, the addon opens up limitless possibilities for bringing your sailor or pirate fantasies to life in Minecraft.

Credits: Mhafy.1016

Build a ship

Set a ship's wheel

Roam the seas on your own ship

Shipbuilder addon

Floating Point

Another important item is the Floating Point, as it allows you to determine how deep your ship will submerge. It should be placed below the Ship's wheel.

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  1. minecraftian
    really cool but can you add valid blocks like redstone levers buttons etc
  2. Guest hello
    cool this mod works now thanks
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