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Runecraft addon

Runecraft Addon is, without exaggeration, one of the most ambitious RPG addons for Minecraft PE. It introduces a skill progression system similar to TES games, allowing you to develop your character's power. The brilliance of this system lies in its simplicity, where improving a skill is as simple as practicing it. And there are a bunch of skills to improve too.

Credits: Estrongel

The list of skills:
  • Thieving - steal items from the NPCs.
  • Prayer - make sacrifices on the altar to gain experience. Choose prayers to buff your character.
  • Constitution - deal damage to enemies to gain levels with this skill. It increases your character's health.
  • Mining - mine ore using new pickaxes to gain experience. More info
  • Attack - use weapons to kill mobs, gain proficiency, and increase your damage.
  • Digging - dig faster and more efficiently with a digging skill.
  • Farming - grow crops to gain experience and increase yield from each harvest.
  • Ranged - the ability to use bows and crossbows.
  • Defense - receive damage wearing armor, to protect yourself from the attacks even better.
  • Woodcutting - increase cutting speed and proficiency with axes.

How to level prayer

Unlocking Prayers

Prayers become accessible when a player reaches Prayer level 5. To level up the Prayer skill, you can bury specific items in the ground or use them at altars. Items suitable for prayers can be seen on a screenshot or found here.

To add Prayers to your loadout, interact with a Gilded or Chaos altar while holding a Prayer Book.
Choosing Prayers

If you choose to edit your loadout, you'll select one of the Prayer slots. Then, you'll see a list of Prayers you can equip. As you level up, you'll unlock new Prayers. While active, you'll lose Prayer Points based on the combined cost of your equipped Prayers. Each time you level up your Prayer skill, you gain 10 additional Prayer Points.

Crafting a Gilded Altar requires a Gilded Altar Centerpiece, 2 Gold nuggets, 1 Book, 1 carpet, and 1 polished blackstone/deepslate. A Gilded Altar Centerpiece is crafted using 3 Gold ingots and 2 Gold nuggets. Gilded Altars provide a 1.5x experience boost to any bones/remains used at them.

Chaos Altars - cannot be crafted, found only Zamorak Temples, provides 2x experience from bones.
Heavy armor

Attack skill

Level your Attack skill to unlock the ability to use heavy weapons. If your level is not enough for an item, it will be used with a penalty lowering its damage.


Crouch for 3 seconds near a Villager to start the Thieving process. The process can fail, in that case, you won't get any items and experience. After a short break, you can repeat the stealing on the same NPC. You can pickpocket such mobs as Villagers, Pillagers, Piglins, Evocation Illagers, Piglin Brutes, and Witches.

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