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Honey and Bears addon

Honey and Bears addon is much more than it sounds, it adds dozens of new creatures into Minecraft PE. Starting as a niche passion project, the addon grew to become a massive expansion to the game's wildlife. As far as the new items go, they're mostly food and new blocks. Some of the food is made from the resources harvested from the new animals.

Credits: RabanoMay

New mobs

Grizzly Bears: These majestic beasts are a force to be reckoned with, taking on monsters and protecting their territory. Look out for them in flower forests and taiga biomes.

Toucans: Take to the skies with your very own adorable pet toucan! Tame them with any type of seeds and heal them with juicy apples. Explore the lush jungles with your feathered friend by your side.

Exiled Merchant

Exiled Merchant: This wandering villager may have a checkered past, but they've got the goods to back it up. Selling everything from stolen treasures to trash, you never know what you'll find with this merchant in the plains biome.

Capybaras: Meet the friendliest creature in the world, ready to become your loyal companion. Tame them with sweet apples and golden apples, and heal them with the same items. You can find them lounging on plains and swamps, always ready for a good cuddle.

Skeleton Wolves: Beware the howls of the night, as these fearsome enemies lurk in the shadows. But with the right touch, you can turn them into loyal companions. Tame them with rotten flesh or bone and watch them become a formidable force to reckon with, only to be defeated by sunlight.

Crows: Witness the beauty of these wild, free-spirited creatures as they soar above. You can't tame them, but they'll always be there to remind you of the freedom that comes with the wind. You'll find them in swamps, savannahs, and deserts.


Lions: They hunt in packs and reign supreme in the wild, where only the strongest survive.

Zebras: Admire these magnificent creatures from afar, as they roam the savanna in freedom. You can't tame or control them, but you can ride them and even breed them.

Hyenas: Don't let their distrustful nature fool you - these cunning hunters are lethal when it comes to protecting their pack. Lure them with food and watch them become loyal allies, always ready to pounce.

Platypuses: Dip your toes in the water with these semi-aquatic creatures, spending their days in the rivers and swamps. Reproducing with kelp, seagrass, and tropical fish, you might even encounter the rare variant named Perry!


Ducks: These adorable creatures are fast on land, but even faster in the water. Hunt them for their meat or simply enjoy their playful antics in the swamps and forests.

Honey Slime: Get sticky with this new addition, a honey-themed slime that's sure to sweeten up your world.

Scarlet Honeycreeper: These birds feed on honey and have a striking red appearance that's hard to miss. Tame them with honeycombs and heal them with the same item. You'll find them flitting about in meadows and birch forests.

Honey items

New items and blocks:

  • Large Honey Bottle: A larger version of the glass bottle, crafted with honey and several large empty bottles. Works as food with 10 nutrition and works like milk.
  • Crystallized Honey: Crafted by cooking honeycomb in a furnace or smoker.
  • Crystallized Honey Block: Crafted with 9 crystallized honey items.
  • Crystallized Honey Item: Has 4 nutrition.
  • Honey Apple, Honey Beef, Honey Bread, Honey Mutton, and Honey Berries: New foods with varying nutrition values.
  • Honey Soup: Has 8 nutrition and works like milk.

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