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Throwable Weapons addon

Throwable weapons were clearly underappreciated in Minecraft, but that was only due to the lack of such. With the introduction of shurikens, throwing knives, spears, and magical tridents, we can reassess the combat utility of the named category of weapons. Unlike a bow or a crossbow, throwable weapons can be made ready for unexpected engagement much quicker.

Credits: Hams22

Now let us talk details about every type of weapon that will be tossed into the game. Shurikens, knives, and spears are named from the least powerful to the most. Each one follows the same crafting progression starting with Wooden and through to Netherite. The mechanic of hurling stays the same with tridents.

Wind Trident summons hurricane

All magical tridents:
  • Ice Trident spawns an ice spike for 3 secs dealing 8 damage per tick.
  • Thunder Trident calls a lightning strike and stunning the target for 2 seconds.
  • Wind Trident creates a tornado lasting for 5 seconds and inflicting 2 damage per tick.
  • Arrow Trident summons a volley of arrows in the area.
  • Earth Trident spawns a spike from the earth that tosses the enemies up in the air.
  • Flame Trident ignites an area and gives fire resistance to the player.
  • Poison Trident creates an acidic pool that deals damage to everyone standing on it.
  • Warden Trident calls a Warden in the area.
  • Sky Trident
  • Ender Trident
  • Explosive Trident
  • Skeleton Trident

Poison Trident creates a poisonous pool

Wardet Trident

Shurikens stuck in the wood

Throwing blade

Don't forget to enable the Experimental gameplay features in the world's Settings.

Edited: 18.05.23
Reason: 4 new tridents added
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  1. Brent Reynolds
    I want it for minecraft edu
  2. Blazefire2342
    Same I would like that too; since that's what I play.
    1. efafaef
      bro just get expermental world.
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