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Magical Broomstick addon

Every Minecraft sorcerer would look infinitely better on the magical flying broom. I can come up with million reasons why you should get yourself a broom. It's ecological transport, for starters. Made out of wood and magic, so no oil was involved. Also, you definitely should customize a broom to your liking, several designs are available.

Credits: クラプチ

Magical Altar

Start broom creation by making of Magical Altar.

Witch apparel

Create cool-looking witch apparel by combining leather armor with Butterfly scales. There is a chance of them dropping from a witch, or you can trade them with Ada.

Broomstick crafting

Only two parts are needed to craft a magical broomstick: a grip and a tip. Use the different wood times to customize how it looks. After you've got your wooden broom, you need to fill it with magic. Put the broom on the altar and use Butterfly scales on it.

Broomstick design changing

After you've decided on the design, use a broomstick of the same type you used initially to take it from the altar. All that's left is to hop in on your newly created Magical broomstick and fly high up to the skies.

Magical Broomsticks

Flying on the broomstick

Activate all Experimental gameplay features in the world's Settings.

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  1. twiggycar
    is there a way to speed the brooms up?
  2. Abigail kennedy
    How do you fly up??
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