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Rise of Lycans addon

Rise of Lycans addon is the start of your journey as a werewolf in Minecraft PE. A new disease has broken out into the world, which some may consider a blessing in disguise. Lycanthropy grants its bearer the power of transforming himself into a wolf-like creature. In this state, the person becomes stronger and faster, and his sense became sharper.

Downsides come from the other people who consider this illness a major threat to humanity's very existence. So they've decided to purge off the Earth all people of its kind. Lycan Hunters, they call themselves, are armed with silver blades that are known to be very harmful to the lycanthropes.

Credits: @pedro_denovoZ

Rise of Lycans addon

How to turn into a Werewolf

You will be turned into a Werewolf if you've been bitten by a Lycantrop. Now you can cure the disease by crafting an antidote composed of Wolfsbane Flower.

Activate all Experimental gameplay features in your world's Settings.

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  1. 2013813
    this mod doesn't work every time I try to transform it doesn't work
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