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Skyblock islands map for Minecraft PE

The map has the same rules as a regular skyblock, just with a bigger amount of islands. The main thing that makes the difference between this and the other maps of this kind is the additional islands that float around and creates possibilities for further development of your survival. Your main goals will be: to build a home, have enough food, expand the main island, and reach the other ones. There is another very similar Skyblock map but with advanced features.

Credits: Zad103


Additional islands

How to install maps:
  1. Download .mcworld file below
  2. Open file using any file manager to import it into Minecraft PE
  3. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition and look for the map among your worlds

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  1. Shivaansh Patwari
    Its good that you are checking
    1. Akarsh Gaming Across
      Is their more islands and biome?
  2. DHRUV Pareek
    Play for fun
  3. Ashish
    Where is end portal and obsidian to make nether portal
    1. olds
      you have to build your own neither portal and the obsidian is on the sand island but dont waste your time theres nuthing in the neither and zero lava there only lave in the whole game is the one you got in a bucket so this map is trash. also there no end portal or stronghold
      1. you suck
        YOU SUCK ############
  4. Sheena
    Nice map for Minecraft 😊
  5. Anamd
    Muncaft nece
  6. Alyssia McCaslin
    This is perfect for Minecraft Education Edition
    1. your mother
      yes, you are correct
    2. your mum
      exactly i play mee
  7. Abdurahman Seid
    I have that minecraft
  8. Munira Seid
    What Whatever
  9. olds
    the neither has almost nuthing in it and zero lava, theres no stronghold i can find and no end portal, the game seems locked into hard mode and you cant even get the creative mode to activate if you wanted to add an end portal yourself, this mode started so fun but left me wanting and very disappointed and after every time i fell off and lost my stuff im pissed
    1. Retard
      Goofy ass fell off 😂
  10. N3ssBeo
    I dont know why but for some reason the was no islands AT ALL it makes me sad how what would seem to be such a fun map but no. Im really disappointed
    1. scribles
      i feel so bad this man it also happended with me
      1. GalaticGamer
        They are there you just need to turn the render distance up
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