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Universal Skyblock map

Universal Skyblock map offers many options that affect difficulty, making the map suitable for everyone.

Credits: MrGreenGames

Universal Skyblock map

Players start at the hub location, where they can check their high scores, visit the item shop, and customize the map's difficulty. For example, players can choose whether or not to keep their inventory upon death.

Everything else about the gameplay was left the same. You'll start on an island without any resources except the island itself. Find ways to organize your livelihood on an island and survive.

Although there are more biome-themed islands to explore around you, the problem is how to reach them. One island has a portal to the Nether, I wonder if there are islands in that dimension too?

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  1. ilikeminecraft
    How do I get to the end?
    1. Guest ilikeminecraft
      No need. Its much more fun then normal minecraft
      1. ilikeminecraft
        but there is a achievement that needs you to get the Elytra
        1. jj
          theres a glich of the new vretion where you can buy it from the seller
    you have to get up to the clouds then there will be an activated end portal
  3. Rojal Timilsena
    I want to play this map.
  4. idk
    how do u get to the nether?
    1. idk
      in 1.19 also
  5. MEOW
    This looks soooooo fun!!!!
    can't wait to play!!!
  6. mulfan2023
    why is there no 1.18 map?
  7. GamermaniYT
    To get around the not safe message change https to www. Then hit advanced and then continue to website
  8. ye
    can't wait to play
  9. Coldpingiun
    very fun to play and you can play it on education edition
  10. pro minecraft player
    bro at the hub you have a end portal theres already one eye in it
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