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Vanilla Deluxe: Java UI addon

I know that some of you prefer classic Java UI over Bedrock one, and this addon is for you. Not every single screen of the UI can be adapted for mobile phones properly, so the addon is about 70% authentic. Right now, all main screens, menus, and inventories correspond to their look in Minecraft Java. Everything comes with a price, and it may take time to load some screens on some lower-end devices. Another nuance would be the limited support of gamepads. If you want to preserve the responsiveness of the original UI and some of the aesthetics of Java UI - the Mixed version is your go-to.

Credits: CrisXolt

Vanilla Deluxe: Java UI addon

How to install:
  1. Download the .mcpack file below
  2. Open the file using any file manager to import it into Minecraft PE
  3. Open Minecraft Pocket Edition
  4. Create new or edit an existing world
  5. Scroll down to the Resource packs section and select the ones you want to apply

Edited: 18.05.23
Reason: Added Console Aspects compatibility
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  1. BuuGito
    i can't press play game
    1. people
    2. huh
      same I cannot play it too
  2. Gerard0 Castr0
    Hola, Podrian Hacer una vercion igual a sta pero pero para Minecraft Bedrock V.
  3. Lukester82
    This mod actually works! for months I've Tricked friends I had java on my tablet!
  4. magic arts
    does not work
    1. Guest brian
      this mods me and so my minecraft will crash
  5. Hdhvfwmdkek
    Throughout this thik
  6. Bongbong
    Somehow i can't open the .mcpack to Minecraft, but othee resource pack can. You guys know any solutions for this?
    1. CyanNinjaPlayz
      Same but i play Minecraft Education And i tried on bedrock and it is not importing
    2. 666
    3. Guest Ryan
      Bruh you need to rename it to java.mcpack
  7. Yessir
    Pls add 1.17
  8. jax
    I can click play but nothing happens I don't know if it's the version I have or if it's the Minecraft I have can someone please help me!!!!!
  9. NOOB
    Bro this works but It wont let me host it😭😭
    pls add 1.20
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