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Island Village seed: 769542525

Feel yourself in role of a brave sailor that have been crashed on unknown island and met savages. Try to survive in this small village and to find a common language with its local inhabitants. Try this rare island village seed for some fresh survival experience in Minecraft world.

An island on the horizon

Island Village

Seed: 769542525

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  1. Baqer
    рџ‘ЌрџЏ» рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»рџ‘ЌрџЏ»
    1. Eevee658
      This man be speaking Enchanting Table
      1. Guest lol
        lol this is a new meme
    2. hi
      i cant find it
    3. Ur Mom
      Im sorry my man but i dont speak fluent enchanting table
  2. Jaylen
    I cant find it
  3. Valerie Quiroz Quezada
    yay finally got a good server
  4. joe mama
    it has the right island, if you check the pictures, but it does not have a village on it.
  5. Beluga
    well i love islands
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