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Vanilla Twilight addon

This addon enhances the Minecraft experience by introducing a dynamic and vibrant world filled with mischievous goblins, militant villagers, and various new creatures. The Goblins Update, the core of this addon, brings diverse goblin types, each with unique behaviors, subtypes, and interactions. From Peasant Goblins raiding gardens to Scout Goblins with strategic abilities and powerful Berserker Goblins, the update offers a rich array of challenges and experiences.


Vanilla Twilight addon

Moreover, the addon introduces Kobolds, clever companions found individually or in parties, engaging players in trades and adding a new layer to gameplay. The skies above the mountains host the Hagbat, a winged harbinger of mischief, while the desert and mesa areas are home to the Cockatrice, a creature employing both ranged and melee attacks.

Main features:
  • Villager Guards - defenders of villages. A villager can be transformed into a Swordsman if you give them a sword, an Archer if you give them a bow, or a Mage if you give them a Totem of Undying.
  • Goblins - frightened of villagers and players, they won't miss an opportunity to pillage crops.
  • Mimic - looks like a regular chest, only to attack you when approached.
  • Hagbat - a mix of villager and bat, hostile to the player.
  • Nymph - a weird creature that lives near rivers, a hostile mob that looks like a woman with a mouth between her legs.
  • Giant - he's big and angry, and will try to kill you.
  • Werewolf - a villager that turns into a wolf by night.
  • Cockatrices - a big vicious rooster that lives in deserts.
  • Necromancers - an overlord of the dead, a summoner.
  • Minotaurs - a mythological creature with a bull's head and big ax.
  • Troll - hate goblins.
  • Ogre
  • Giant Spider - can be tamed using rotten flesh, you need to put on him a saddle first
  • Kobold - can be tamed using golden nuggets, a big ore lover can mine ore.

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