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Instant Structures addon

This addon allows you to build different structures instantly without the need to use any resources. It is an excellent tool to flood the game's world with structures if one needs to do so. Put a castle, a house, or a monument in a matter of seconds, anywhere.

Credits: EntityGamer

Desert mega temple

As a bonus feature, the structures will also appear naturally in the world as a way to enjoy the addon in survival.



Modern House

Farm house

How to summon instant structures

To spawn structures, you'll require a so-called Structure block. It is acquirable via a command - /give @p structure_block

Structure block

Put a Structure block in the desired spot and tap on it to go into a menu. Switch a mode to Load and type in the structure id on the next line as in the example. For instance, mystructure:Pillagertower will spawn a Pillager outpost. Just replace the Pillagertower with another structure's id, and don't forget to push the Load button.

Spawning of a sctructure

The list of IDs:

  • House1, House2, House3, House4, House5, House6, House7, House8
  • Villagetower
  • Pillagertower
  • Smallcabin
  • Treehouse
  • Megatemple
  • Talltower
  • Campsite
  • Destroyedtower
  • Modernhouse1, Modernhouse2, Modernhouse3, Modernhouse4, Modernhouse5, Modernhouse6, Modernhouse7
  • Castle
  • Tent
  • Buddhastatue
  • Restoredportal
  • Jungletemple
  • Wanderingtraderhouse
  • Pillagercamp
  • Desertruins
  • Medieval1, Medieval2, Medieval3, Medieval4, Medieval5, Medieval6, Medieval7, Medieval8
  • Medievalcastle
  • Blacksmith
  • Graveyard
  • Better_dungeon
  • Dungeon_tower

Make sure to turn on all Experimental game features

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