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Instant Structures mod for Minecraft 1.0.3

This mod will allow you to build different structures instantly and without use of any resources. To do that, you will need only two items: Construction selector and Constructor - first one allows you to choose what to build and second allows to actually build what you choose before. You can choose among the different types of structures, for instance: a house, a farm, pixel art or decoration. It cause no lag which is surprising, because for that kind of mod it is a common thing. So if you want to build fast, try the Instant Structures mod for Minecraft 1.0.3 and forget about building boring things.

Main features:
  1. Use Construction selector (510) to select what to build
  2. Use Constructor (511) to build
  3. Choose among 6 types of buildings
  4. More than 40 structures
  5. Uses no materials

A couple of houses and a sand temple

Instantly constructed potato farm

Pixel art of Link from The Legend of Zelda

Jungle Temple

How to install mod:
  1. Download and install BlockLauncher PRO
  2. Download and unzip archive to your device (you must get .js or .modpkg file)
  3. Open BlockLauncher, go to Manage ModPE scripts - Import - Local Storage
  4. Go to Download folder and select mod that you want to install
  5. If mod has a texture pack, you must install it before script

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