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Quests & Guards addon

The Quests and Guards addon enhances Minecraft by introducing two new mechanics: questing and villager guards. Questing involves completing tasks assigned by villagers via a Bounty Board, which rewards players upon completion. To turn in the quest bring the completed Quest Notice to the Librarian or Cartographer.

Villager guards, consisting of warriors and archers, can be recruited from Weaponsmith and Fletcher villagers respectively. Guards can be equipped and bred with Emeralds, and their equipment can be upgraded by bringing the guards to the armorer and weaponsmith villagers. Additionally, the addon adds random names to villagers based on their biome, adding depth to village inhabitants.

The Guards will stay in the village by default but you can make them follow you by holding a Golden Sword, Diamond Sword, or Netherite Sword.

Credits: KZBMM

Quests & Guards addon

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