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Dungeon Guardians addon

Stay safe at all times with the Dungeon Guardians addon for MCPE. The addon features three new mobs that, if tamed, will serve as protectors and companions on your journey. Your preference among them should only be based on appearance because, in terms of stats, they are very much alike. Now, let me tell you where to find them and how to tame them.

Credits: Parzival_

Dungeon Guardians addon

Red pandas can be found in bamboo jungles but are more common in cherry groves. They love eating Bamboo and Sweet berries, often carrying them in their mouths when they find some lying on the ground. They may also snatch berries from your Sweet berry farm, so beware! You can breed them with Bamboo to make more red panda babies. Red panda babies can also be raised using Bamboo or Sweet berries.

The Guardian Vex is the companion you'll need for your journey! These mobs roam birch and roofed forests, awaiting your call. Tame them with a Totem of Undying. Armed with a powerful mace, they fearlessly attack monsters.

Fancy chickens exclusively spawn in Flower forests. Once tamed with a Golden Apple, they will follow you around. They can be bred with all types of Seeds and drop the same items as regular chickens. Furthermore, they can be healed with any type of seed. Notably, they are taller than normal chickens.

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