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Power armors - Fallout addon

This Fallout-inspired addon for Minecraft PE plunges you into the heart of the wasteland, equipping you with iconic power armors, outfits, and (mostly) delicious consumables. Instantly recognizable from the Fallout series, these mighty power armors let you shrug off blows from even the meanest mutants. Top it all off with a refreshing Nuka-Cola for a true Wasteland taste!

Credits: Iliyaman12

Legendary power armors:

  • Don the classic T-51, T-45, and T-60 suits, or upgrade to the advanced X-01, X-02, and X-03 models.
  • Customize your look with the sleek SK-73 or rugged T-51 SK kit.
  • Electrify your enemies with the powerful T-60 Tesla parts.

Power armors - Fallout addon

[attachment=3287:Download Power armors - Fallout addon 1.20.62]

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  1. cash
    bro how to download this?
    1. Isaacccccc
      Idk I need help downloading this mod to
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