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The Last of Us addon

The Last of Us addon for Minecraft PE offers a thrilling journey into an apocalyptic world overrun by a devastating fungal infection inspired by TLOU. As you venture forth, prepare to encounter a diverse array of infected variants, each presenting unique challenges and strategies for survival. Be ready to face relentless Runners, elusive Stalkers, and iconic Clickers - the infected populate the landscape, adding tension and excitement to every encounter.

Dive deep into a world transformed by The Last of Us addon, including new structures like Cities and Sewers, promising fresh adventures and dangers to overcome. Engage with factions, trade with characters from The Last Of Us, and equip yourself with an arsenal of weapons and items to navigate the treacherous terrain.

Credits: Xaier G

The Last of Us addon

Fight your way through mobs infected by cordyceps

  • Encounter various infected variants like Runners, Stalkers, Clickers, and more.
  • Each variant has unique characteristics, behaviors, and strengths.
  • Explore new challenges and adapt your survival strategies based on the diverse infected population.

Get on the adventure in a world altered by a virus

  • Discover Cities and Sewers, offering new environments and challenges.
  • Cities can be generated creatively through specific blocks, promising unique adventures.
  • Explore mega structures, bases, and hospitals, each with its own set of dangers and rewards.

Meet factions and familiar characters

  • Navigate the dynamics between factions like Fireflies, FEDRA, and Wolf.
  • Interact with characters from The Last Of Us, including Joel, Ellie, Bill, Joel's brother, and Abby.
  • Trade and cooperate with these characters, each offering unique items and services.

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