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Night Terrors addon

Night Terrors is an addon that adds spooky new creatures to Minecraft, making the game scarier to play. The first creepy creature is called the Perforator. It's a mutated villager that shows up at night, and it's inspired by something called trypophobia - this is when you have an aversion for things with multiple holes or their imitation. The Perforator is a bit tough with 60 health and can deal 10 damage. If you're brave enough to defeat it, you'll get rewarded with emeralds. But watch out, because when the Perforator is defeated, it leaves behind 4 Grubs with 8 health each. These little creatures can be a bit tricky to deal with, due to their size and the probability of being overwhelmed by the number of foes.

Credits: ShowdownMan

Night Terrors addon

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