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Fire Mage addon

Harness the power of Fire magic in Minecraft PE to conjure mighty spells that can bring everything to ashes. Your primary resource as a mage will be mana, it is capped at 100 points, and the cost to cast a spell varies. Mana will be automatically replenished over time because it's everywhere around you, it just can't be seen.

Credits: ZussmanKlint

Fire Mage addon

Fire Magic to choose from

  • As Fire Mage you will be immune to all types of fire damage.
  • Fireball - is a basic skill allowing you to shoot two balls of fire that burn on impact.
  • Will o’ Wisp - summons an entity that chases enemies and deals burning damage.
  • Fire Blast - summons a fire entity next to an enemy and will burn those in contact and then explode.
  • Scorch - damage enemies within a 10-block radius and set the ground on fire.
  • Fire Pledge - marks the closest maximum of 5 enemies, burning them and dealing fire damage over time.
  • Flare Blitz - for a short time, you are granted speed and set the ground you step on fire.
  • Frenzy Flames - summons entities that knock and damage nearby enemies.
  • Firewall - summon a firewall in front of you that will damage enemies in contact and then explode after a while.
  • Fire Dance - for a long time, you are granted speed and summon entities that will chase and damage enemies that explode after a long time.

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