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Superman addon

Try on the Superman costume and gain all of his powers, including the invulnerability thanks to this addon for Minecraft PE. After putting on the costume, you're becoming the son of Krypton, which means being empowered by the Sun's energy. If you're not a big fan of the classic suit, you can also go along with a black suit from the Ressurection of Superman.

Credits: TELUR Man

Superman's powers:
  • Invulnerability - you're fully suppressing all incoming damage.
  • Flight - sweep through the skies faster than the wind.
  • Super Strength - smash your enemies with destructive punches.
  • Super Speed - run faster than any human or a mob can.
  • Heat vision - ignite with your sight enemies and scorch Earth.
  • Super Breath - blow your opponents with an arctic breath that creates blocks of ice.

Superman costume

Flying as a Superman

Heat vision

Super Breath

Explosive strike

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  1. Maryo
    I cant use the items plz help meeeeee
  2. maryo 2
    nvm i fixed it =)
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