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Medieval Weapons & Armor

Discover the ways of historically accurate medieval armor and weapon crafting in Minecraft PE. This addon introduces 22 armor sets and 30 weapons from different cultures, all belonging to the same time period of knights and glory. Despite Minecraft being a fantasy game, there are many who will appreciate the accuracy of the armor presented in this addon. It provides an excellent foundation for organizing and participating in knight tournaments within the game.

Credits: The Mighty ChimMMMMmmmmm

Medieval Weapons & Armor

During that time period, iron was the primary resource for craftsmen, and the same holds true for this addon. However, weapons could also be crafted with other materials such as Diamonds and Netherite. Almost all weapons are capable of blocking attacks. Additionally, a notable feature includes blood particle effects that will appear upon hitting a target.

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  1. Madi
    How to hold a weapon with two hands
    1. algajalf
      You need Minecraft Java edition to do that.
  2. Geno
    it does'nt work for me because lm on edu
    1. KingofAculon
      Same! It Says "The property '/metadata/generated_with' is not used for this type of content. The field will be ignored." 😠😡🤬😡😠
  3. dude
    The swords look the exact same
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