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FNAF Decorations mod

Build an authentic spooky FNAF environment with animatronics using this decoration mod for Minecraft Bedrock. With dozens of thematic blocks, you can easily actualize any ideas that happen to come to your mind. There are more than enough blocks to recreate the original pizzeria in Minecraft.

Credits: Hirx's

Decorate the walls of the building with creepy posters with FNAF characters. Put lifeless animatronics around to spook the visitors and put on a suit yourself. So that when someone is starting to lose their focus, you can jump-scare them.

FNAF Animatronics

Freddy Fazbear costume

FNAF decorations

Five Night at Freddy's addon

Activate all Experimental gameplay options in Settings.

Edited: 12.07.24

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  1. A Very Big Venom Fan YT
    I tried it out. It's great and all, I give a 10/10. Only 1 problem. Could you add more animatronic statues/suits for later games, like FNaF 3, 4, 5, 6, and Security Breach? I just want a variety of animatronics to choose, not just from FNaF 1 & 2, Into The Pit (book) and Fredbear/Spring Bonnie. I'd really appreciate it if you'd consider this idea.
  2. Chasen
    I got a question, How do i change the posters?
    1. A Very Big Venom Fan YT
      Find the changer item. It looks like a double-sided wrench. Should be in the same tab as the armor/suits.
  3. Guest Anonymous
    How do you get posters? Or certain blocks? I can't find much.
  4. likes this mod
    Does anyone know how to get rid of the sound the speakers make in-game, like of course I could mute my device, but I was getting kinda bored of regular minecraft music, then I learned that the speakers play sounds! But- then I accidentally destroyed the speaker and now it's stuck playing "showtime" mixed with "its been so long" and "fnaf 1 song" please help.
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