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Assassin's Creed addon

Become a member of the Assassin's order, an elusive organization that eliminates the targets of the highest order. Change into the traditional robes of the silent killers and master the ways of hidden blade usage. Based on the Assasins Creed game franchise, this addon introduces to Minecraft PE new elaborate animations and even a parkour technic. Now, much better animations will accompany running, jumping, and crouching.

Credits: Eyebags

Leap of Faith

Climbing on walls is iconic to the game series, so it was destined to become part of the addon too. Don't forget to perform the leap of faith into the Haystacks. To do so, rise to some peak, put haystacks beforehand into your landing point, jump down, and press the Sneaking button.

Usage of hidden blade against villager

Sneaking like a true Assassin

Jumping with new animations

Edited: 5.11.23
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