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Elevator block addon

Elevator block addon helps to create a reasonable substitute for stairs in Minecraft PE. Players have been puzzled for the longest time with how to build a functional elevator in the game. Some have been building massive Redstone schemes, and some found the last resort in the Command block. Nevertheless, now we'll have a much easier time creating the elevator.

Credits: ITz_DaKs

Elevator block addon

Start by crafting new blocks, one for each floor you intend to build. Place a block on each floor, but make sure they are all lined up. Now when you are going jump standing on the block, it will move you one floor higher. To descend, you will need to jump while also crouching.

Elevator block

Working elevator in Minecraft

Make sure to enable Experimental gameplay features in the world's Settings.

Edited: 11.07.24

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  1. Duck
    There's no functional code in these downloads, you are simply downloading blocks that do not do anything
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