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Barricades Pack addon

Get prepared for a zombie invasion with style by setting up barricades and other decorations in Minecraft. This one will be especially on point if you're playing with the True Zombie addon. Those zombies are so wild you just have to board your windows to prevent infiltration. Barbed wire won't be redundant too, and it will slow down hordes of living dead coming at your house.

Credits: TheVeis

Barricades Pack addon

All of the new items are made on the new Workbench using Blueprints.

Enable all Experimental gameplay features in Settings.

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  1. Ultimawerewolf
    ADD SCULK PLEASE i need sculk i want to make the warden summon all youtubes have it i dont can you add it please please PLEASE
  2. crimson70000
    noice its a nice looking mod
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